Stella and chewys Superblends meal mixers

2017-01-01-16-01-33-1It’s time for our #chewyinfluencer reviews of the month. The first product we tried this month was the new @stellaandchewys meal mixer superblends! We got the grass-fed beef recipe which is formulated with real freeze dried nutrient-rich fruits and veggies. What I like about this superblend is that you can actually see the fruits and veggies, so you know the nutrition is real. It comes with a convenient scooper and I mixed a scoop with Shimmers kibble for a little boost. She absolutely loved it! I also used some as a treat for after this photo was taken, and wow I was really impressed with how quickly he gobbles that down. Great at a topper or a treat, we highly recommend this product! We are excited to try the different flavors. Thanks @chewy !!


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