Breeding Announcement


Breeding Announcement

We are pleased to announce our first homebred litter. Shimmer has been bred to Chumlee (BIS BISS Can GCHEx AKC CH Roaneden's Pond Star WC JH). Chumlee is beautiful boy that has done well in the show ring and has been successfully hunted over. His substance and calm yet driven temperament should compliment Shimmer well. I am looking forward to seeing what this breeding has to offer!

You can view the pups pedigree here:

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IMG_7281Last weekend, we tried our hand at being trick dogs! Torch got his CGC, Trick dog Novice and Intermediate title!
Hunter got his CGC, Trick dog Novice, Intermediate and Advanced titles!

AKC’s new Trick Dog program is a great way to do more with your dog and have a little fun!

Check out how your dog can become a Trick Dog

My Boys are now:

Vermilion’s Carry the Torch of Bench JH RN TKI CGC

Huntsman’s Jager Meister JH WCI AX OAJ OF RA DM RATI TKA CGC

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SportDog Food


Finally there is a food designed specifically for us! SportDogFood ! As many of you know, I have been an avid raw feeder for a couple of years now, and my dogs can only have the best! Recently, I’ve acquired more dogs and raw feeding has become so time consuming and inconvenient for travel, that I wanted a high quality kibble to give 50% of the time. I’m kind of a dog food snob, but I also didn’t want to break the bank. I had searched far and wide for a new premium kibble for a reasonable price, and finally stumbled upon this high quality limited ingredient food designed specifically for working and sporting dogs. All of the ingredients in Sport Dog Food are sourced in the USA, and that was really important to me. Their food contains no Meat Meal or By-Product Meal, no Corn, Wheat, Soy, or Peas.

Their food is currently available on their website for select states, on amazon, and now at Chewy, so it’s easy to get your hands on! I can’t recommend enough to all my sport dog friends to take a look and give this food a try.

SportDog Food

Buy at




Stella and chewys Superblends meal mixers

2017-01-01-16-01-33-1It’s time for our #chewyinfluencer reviews of the month. The first product we tried this month was the new @stellaandchewys meal mixer superblends! We got the grass-fed beef recipe which is formulated with real freeze dried nutrient-rich fruits and veggies. What I like about this superblend is that you can actually see the fruits and veggies, so you know the nutrition is real. It comes with a convenient scooper and I mixed a scoop with Shimmers kibble for a little boost. She absolutely loved it! I also used some as a treat for after this photo was taken, and wow I was really impressed with how quickly he gobbles that down. Great at a topper or a treat, we highly recommend this product! We are excited to try the different flavors. Thanks @chewy !!


Stella and Chewy Dinner Patties

Shimmer is feeling a little jealous that Hunter gets to hold the Stella and Chewy dinner patties… well Shimmer, maybe once you master your “Hold” like Hunter has, you can hold them too. 😏
This month, we got some Stella and Chewy dinner patties to try out from Chewy . They are a dehydrated raw full meal and all you need to do is add water. I have been using these in combination with Shimmer’s kibble to give her a little extra something. They break apart well and absorb the water fast, so the food prep is really quick and easy with these. Shimmer goes crazy for them too! We highly recommend these delicious raw patties. Thanks Chewy for letting us try them out! #chewyinfluencer


Honest Kitchen Haddock Wishes

It’s time for our first chewyinfluencer review of the month. This month, Chewy sent us some yummy Wishes 🐟 haddock treats made by the Honest Kitchen! These are a current favorite right now, and yes, we got some after this photoshoot 😉. We love these treats because they are single ingredient, so you know exactly what’s in it. On the downside, they have a VERY fishy aroma. We love it, but mom…not so much 😷. Just something to keep I mind if you can’t handle the smell. They break apart really easily so they are great for trick training. We used them this week as a high value reward at agility practice! Bottom line? You need to try these treats as long as your owner can handle the fish smell. 👍🏻👍🏻 thanks Chewy


Chewy Product Review

Time for this months Chewy review! This month we got to try some Instinct Pet Food Raw Market Meal Blends by natures variety. This is a freeze-dried raw complete meal! Right now we have been using it for training treats, and it is really the perfect size for that! I really love the ingredients in it, just meat and vegetables, made in the USA. Since we acquired a third toller, and raw feeding all the dogs is too much work, we will be feeding shimmer this brand of food… We like it that much! Thanks Chewy for allowing us to try this awesome food!