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I am currently breeding in partnership with my friend and mentor, Kathy Koebensky-Como. Kathy and her late Husband founded Vermilion Tollers in 1995, and since have been breeding the ultimate versatile Tollers.   I strive to continue the Vermilion name and bloodlines.

Our primary breeding goal is to produce versatile Nova Scotia Duck Tolling retrievers to meet the breed standard.  A dog that can do it all.  Hunting dogs that toll & retrieve.

Health, temperament, Instinct and drive are our top priorities in breeding. All our breeding stock are health tested for all the available breed tests. Temperament is evaluated and breedings are carefully planned. If you buy from us, don’t expect to choose your own puppy. We do extensive evaluations of all our pups to best match them to your family and your needs.


Tollers excel in many venues, for example:

  • *Field
  • *Breed Ring
  • *Obedience Ring
  • *Agility Ring
  • *Tracking
  • *Fly-Ball
  • *Dock diving
  • *Barn Hunt
  • *Doggy-Dancing
  • *Therapy Dogs And are
    Great House and Traveling Companions!


We are located in Central Texas